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What’s the Cost to Pump Septic Tanks? Is This Plumbing Service Required?


Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a septic system? What if there’s no public sewer where you can connect your drain lines to? How would you dispose the waste materials and soiled water from your home or place of business? The septic tank is indeed an important component of your plumbing/drainage system. Now what you never have to forget is that it is not invincible. It is prone to clogging, overflows and other problems that may disrupt the smooth disposal of sewage in your property. With that being said, it is only wise that you learn about the importance and the cost of septic tank pumping.

What Is Septic Tank Pumping?

Septic tank pumping is a plumbing service that should only be provided by licensed professional plumbers. This involves the removal of waste materials inside the tank in order to prevent overflowing, backups, foul odor and other plumbing issues.

Why Is Septic Tank Pumping Important?

Septic tank pumping is essential because it puts the septic system back at tip-top shape. This is among the most recommended ways to maintain your septic tank not only because the waste substances are disposed of but also because plumbers are able to inspect the condition of the tank. Remember, it can only hold so much and can only last for a number of years. Just like other materials on earth, plastic and fiberglass may also eventually break.

What Happens During A Pump Out Service?

During a septic tank pumping service, a special service truck will be used by licensed plumbing experts. The truck is equipped with a large hose that will siphon out the waste materials out of the tank. It also has a large container where the sludge and waste will be transferred and kept for the time being. These substances will be brought to a waste treatment facility where they will be used on electricity generation or other productive means such as for growing food.

When Should You Schedule A Pump Out?

The truth is, only your plumber should know. That’s because we will be asking you pertinent questions that will help us identify whether a pump out is necessary or otherwise. For instance, how many people live in your house or use your plumbing? Do you have any idea how much your water consumption is? What’s the size of your tank? When was the last time you had it pumped out? Are you experiencing inconveniences such as recurring clogs, foul smell coming from drains or backups?

How Much Money Should You Prepare?

According to Home Advisor, the national average cost of septic tank pumping is $370 based on a research population of 1,351 respondents. It was also reported that most homeowners spend between $262 to $477, with the lowest rate at $193 and the highest $889.

We hope that we’ve given you valuable information about the cost to pump septic tanks. If you are in need of this plumbing service, just call the most reliable Hallandale Beach plumbing company. Douglas Orr Plumbing provides local emergency plumbing services in Hallandale Beach FL including sewer line inspection, leak detection, backflow prevention, drain pipe cleaning, gas leak detection and many more! Call us at (305) 240-6731to schedule a service!

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